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Still Standing After the New Tax Law: Employee Commuter Tax Benefits

The new tax law eliminated a number of employer deductions for so-called “fringe benefits”. Starting in 2018, employers can no longer deduct the cost of providing qualified mass transit and parking benefits, except as necessary for ensuring the safety of an employee. But employee pre-tax Commuter Benefit programs are still standing. Here’s the story:… Continue Reading

“Dear Urban Cyclists: Go Play in Traffic” but don’t forget about tax-favored commuter transit benefits

The Dear Urban Cyclists: Go Play In Traffic part of the headline is the one authored by P.J. O’Rourke in his recent article in the on-line edition of The Wall Street Journal. Not exactly the same point of view – literally or figuratively – as that taken in the picture below from the blog post What You … Continue Reading

How the stimulus package affects employee benefits

Over at Slate’s BizBox blog, a special promotion by Open from American Express, I posted an article about the impact of the stimulus package affects employee benefits, specifically COBRA and Commuter Transit Benefits under Section 132 of the Internal Revenue Code. The stimulus package provides extended and subsidized COBRA benefits and increases the amount of transit … Continue Reading

New survey shows how employers are helping employees cope with higher commuter costs

We’re big on commuter transit benefits here. Not only for cilents, but for our own employees who take public transportation. It’s good for employees, it’s good for employers, and it’s good for the environment. It’s something I’ve blogged about before, What’s Old is New Again: Commuter Benefits Under Section 132 and The Next Generation of … Continue Reading

The next generation of tax-favored commuter benefits: bicycle commuting

Just this summer I wrote What’s old is new again: commuter benefits under Section 132. The post was about employers rediscovering (or discovering in some cases) that they could assist employees paying for commuter transit and parking expenses on a pre-tax basis – and the tax savings that employers themselves could realize. Interest sparked, of … Continue Reading