National Benefit Services, Inc. is a Chicago-based retirement plan consulting, actuarial, and administration firm that works with employers who want to get their retirement plans from where they are now to where they need to be.

Our services include:

• Designing, administering and terminating all types of tax qualified retirement plans including defined benefit pension plans, cash balance pension plans, profit sharing and 401Ik) plans, and employee stock ownership plans.

• Assisting legal counsel in client representation with proceedings with the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Labor, and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

• Advising clients on benefit issues in corporate transactions.

Our objective is to have our clients justifiably enjoy the highest possible confidence that their retirement plan objectives will be met by:

• Direct contact with one or more of the firm’s mature, experienced professionals.

• Assistance with defining client needs and evaluating alternatives for meeting them.

• Individualized retirement program or engagement development.

• Skillful implementation of the chosen programs or engagement.

• Continuing client education through reports, client conferences and other tools for evaluating results and revising objectives when necessary, and where the employer has discretion, for making informed decisions.

• Committed attention to all aspects of plan sponsor responsibility.