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The language of savings

As 401(k) plans have matured, so has the academic research around it. The relatively new field of behavioral economics which blends micro-economics and psychology is being used to help employees make better decisions about their 401(k) plans. But for those of us in the financial service business, the underlying process of helping employees save for … Continue Reading

Survey says: Pounds Over Dollars for 2013 Resolutions

No, this post isn’t about resolutions by hedge funds or currency traders. It’s finance of an individual sort: the results of the annual New Year’s Resolution Survey from Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America. The survey respondents said they are most likely to keep the following resolutions: Exercising and dieting: (44%) Managing money better … Continue Reading

Participant procrastination perils proper pension planning

I’ve seen it first hand with many employees eligible to participate in 401(k) plans. That is, employees who choose not to save for retirement. Sometimes, there’s a logical and personal reason. But sometimes, it’s just … procrastination. And that part of it, I could never understand. But I now have a little more insight thanks … Continue Reading