There’s a new blog out there, and it’s one uniquely focused on small business and business owners. It’s sponsored by the Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC). Here’s our mission statement:

The Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) was established to give small business owners, their employees and those with whom they conduct business a voice in local, state and federal politics. The SBAC is a non-partisan 501 (c) (6) not-for-profit political organization, whose goal is to advance advance the causes important to small businesses.

Additionally, the group seeks to strongly support our members by providing networking, advertising and promotional opportunities that will sustain those that care enough to stand with small business and hard-working Americans.

I say "our" because I am a member and the Editor of the new blog which is appropriately called the Small Business Advocacy Blog

If you’re a business owner, consider joining us. Here’s how