Last month, I wrote about the importance of correcting classifying your workers: independent contractors or employees. The IRS publication to which I included a link told you the rules. Now here is an opportunity to learn in a very practical way how to win audits on independent contractor status from Nancy Joerg, a shareholder and senior attorney, in the law firm of Wessels & Pautsch, P.C., a Midwest-based law firm that represents employers in labor and employment matters. Ms. Joerg is conducting a teleconference on Thursday, February 15, 2006, called "How to Win IDES Audits on Independent Contractor Status".

The IDES, the Illinois Department of Employment Security, is the Illinois state agency that audits companies to see whether their workers should be reclassified from independent contractor status to employee status. While the focus is obviously Illinois companies, non-Illinois employers may also find this teleconference helpful.