Common Sense Fail

The picture above is from the FAIL blog which daily posts user-submitted funny FAIL pictures and videos. The "fail" relates to so many people not having enough common sense not to sit down on a wet park bench that this sign actually had to posted.

Which then lead me back to today’s headline, "if common sense was common, more people would have it".

It’s an old expression that inspired one family I know to create the website, If Common Sense Was So Common……, to collect and share humorous absurdities. If you have a story about the absence of common sense, then send it to them and it may get published.

Now what does all of this have to do with retirement plans? Simple. One of the family members who created the website is an actuary with whom we work on mutual retirement plan clients. And this is, after all, a blog about retirement plans. Yeah, I know it’s a stretch, but sometimes you have to give a shoutout for your friends.