That’s Declan Patrick MacManus pictured above, but we know him by his stage name Elvis Costello, the English singer-songwriter of Irish heritage. The picture is actually the cover art for Watching the Detectives, the 1977 single by Elvis Costello and his backing band, the Attractions, which gave him his first UK hit single.

It’s my pop culture segue to our own ERISA version of “watching the detectives”. However, in our world, the “watcher” is the Department of Labor (“DOL”) and the “detectives” are the accounting firms charged by ERISA with performing an independent audit as part of the Form 5500 filings for qualified retirement plans with more than 100 participants.

And it’s not exactly front page news that the DOL doesn’t exactly view CPAs as rock stars when it comes to ERISA audits. I wrote about the DOL’s concern about audit quality almost four years ago on this blog, Department of Labor seeks comments on guidelines for ERISA auditor independence.

Recently, our friends at Employee Benefit News carried an article, Legal Alert: Keeping A Watchful Eye On Retirement Plan Auditors, written by Frank Palmieri, a partner with the Law Firm of Palmieri & Eisenberg. Mr. Palmieri writes about an initiative by the DOL.concerning ERISA audits.

That initiative consists of the DOL issuing letters to accounting firms who perform ERISA audits requesting copies of work papers and management letters. The purpose of which is, quite simply, to detect errors in the administration of qualified retirement plans and for plan sponsors to correct those errors.

But here’s the rub. The law doesn’t permit the DOL to take direct enforcement action against the plan auditor for substandard work. They can, however, take indirect enforcement action against the Plan Sponsor, the Plan Administrator and the person who engages a plan auditor, by imposing civil penalties.

Why? Because the selection and monitoring of service providers, including plan auditors, is a fiduciary function. In that regard, you may find helpful the discussion of the "dos and don’ts for hiring an auditor" in my July 1, 2009 Employee Benefit News article, All You Need To Know About ERISA Audits