That’s the title of a special report just published by Judy Diamond Associates, Inc. and written by Keith Clark of DWC Consultants which discusses the basics of the qualified plan industry and the strategies firms use to provide services to plan sponsors and participants.

Among the trends that the report highlights are two types of qualified retirement plans.

One of which is the Cash Balance Plan which says the report is

desirable for employers without a current defined benefit plan wanting to contribute additional amounts (in excess of the annual defined contribution limits) on behalf of one or more highly compensated employees.

The other of which is the one-person defined benefit plan (solo DB) of which says the report

DB Boomer plans are hot because they allow business owners to put away far more each year as compared to a defined contribution plans. Solo 401(k)’s, 412(i)’s and the like are here to stay.

More about both types at a later date.

Here is the link to the report (PDF).

Judy Diamond Associates, Inc., a pioneer publisher of health, welfare, pension and executive compensation data for the financial services and corporate markets which includes the website on which Form 5500s that can be accessed.