Every once in a while I’ll start to wander off into “Pensionspeak” when I’m talking to a client. And when I do, I’ll catch myself by remembering what one of our important business partners once told me when I started to get too technical. Or even technical at all depending on the audience. He told me that when someone asks you what time it is, don’t tell them how to make a watch. 

And in that spirit, I pass along a better understanding of something that affects us all of us – as plan sponsors, participants, and retirement plan service providers. That’s the credit crisis. So here’s a nifty video created by designer Jonathan Jarvis called The Crisis of Credit Visualized that helps make it more understandable than would a watchmaker.


The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

 Now if I could only communicate the 401(k) discrimination rules like this.

Footnote: Jonathan’s video is picking up buzz in the blog world. Two influential bloggers, Dan Ariely on his predictably irrational blog and Garr Reynold on his Presentation Zen blog recently featured it.