We welcome a new blog to the employee benefit blogging community. It’s the Business of Benefits, the focus of which is issues facing insurance companies, financial service providers, and plan sponsors.

It’s being published by the law firm of Giller & Calhoun. The named partners are Evan Giller in New York City and Monica Dunn Calhoun, Denver. Bob Toth in Ft. Wayne, Indiana has recently joined Evan and Monica as of counsel to the firm. Bob, you may recall, was my co-author in our recent 403(b) Crunch Time Series.

Each of the three attorneys who comprise the firm – what I call a "boutique, virtual law firm" – have over 20 years experience in the "business of benefits." That is, a law practice which combines elements of ERISA, tax law, insurance law, securities law and investment law that affect 403(b) and qualified retirement plans.

I’m looking forward to hearing what they have to say.