If you don’t think that 401(k) fees aren’t going to become a hot issue next year, consider how local papers picked up on last Thursday’s Government Accounting Office Report on 401(k) fees commissioned by Congressman George Miller (D, Ca) and his comments about having Congressional hearings. Here is just a sampling from newspapers across the country:

  • The Columbus Dispatch, Feds Press for Better Fee Disclosure
  • Honolulu Advertiser, Congress to probe 401(k) charges
  • The Motley Fool, Frightening Fine Print
  • The Buffalo News, 401(k) fees seen taking big piece of retirement savings
  • Kansas City Star, Greater 401(k) clarity is urged
  • Tennessean, U.S. says 401(k) fees hurt millions
  • Florida Today, Congress to push for improved 401(k) fee information
  • The Nashua Telegraph, Sponsor fees may be chipping away at your 401(k) savings
  • San Francisco Chronicle, Dems set to take on pension/health care industries
  • Seattle Times, Participants in 401(k) plans left mostly in the dark about fees
  • Courier Post (Camden, NJ), Mystery surrounds fees charged for 401(k) funds

Notice the tone of the headlines!