Some employers just don’t get it.

Management-Issues blog reports on a new survey that indicates the employers are out of sync with their employees on the role that compensation and benefits play in attracting, retaining, and motivating employees. The result is that employers are losing top talent.

The survey of 262 large U.S. companies and 1,100 workers carried out by consultants Watson Wyatt Worldwide and WorldatWork, the association for human resources professionals, indicates that

  • While none of the companies surveyed think health care coverage is a key reason that staff quit, almost a quarter (22%) of top employees cite it as an important reason; and
  • 17% of employees see retirement benefits as a factor in retention compared to only 2% of employers.

This disconnect at a time when employers are redesigning health care plans and restructuring retirement programs.

According to Laura Sejen, director of strategic rewards consulting at Watson Wyatt:

Those employers that understand what drives commitment — particularly among top performers — and act on it will be best positioned for success.

Here is the link to the article, Disconnects see talent heading for the door.