No, not the academy awards. Too early for that. But this post is about the ostrich-like approach 401(k) participants have taken in opening (or rather not opening), their December 31, 2008 statements. Earlier this month, I posted the visual below about participants’ hesitation, Just Get It Over With, from Jessica Hagy’s award winning blog,  Indexed,








That’s a facetious description, of course. But specific and troubling data comes out of a recent survey by I-Pension, LLC, a Newton, MA-based Registered Investment Advisor focused on middle-income investors.

I-Pension surveyed middle-income investors following the 2008 year-end meltdown and found that: 

  • 27% of the respondents admitted to not opening their fourth-quarter 401(k) statements.
  • Of those that did open their statements and read their statements, almost 33%spent less than one minute reviewing the results and 72% spent less than 3 minutes.

Here is I-Pension’s press release that discusses the survey and other findings regarding 401(k) participants’ investment expertise – or lack thereof.  

To paraphrase a pop culture expression, the answer is out there somewhere.