Much of what’s out there on blogs is pretty vanilla at best. Except for those individuals that combine their expertise with a definite point of view. It’s makes for interesting reading and provides context for what’s going on in their particular field – and sometimes in the larger picture of the economy and business environment.

And that’s been the criteria for adding blogs to our blog roll. So here’s one more. It’s Bill Singer’s Broke and Broker Blog, the tag line of which is An irreverent Wall Street Blog. Spot-on!

Bill is a securities industry attorney who advocates on behalf of small- and mid-sized broker-dealers, registered persons, whistleblowers, and defrauded public investors. And yes, he does have a P.O.V. Bill also publishes the legal/regulatory/compliance site of

And now here’s full disclosure. Bill has just recently included us as a featured blog on Broke and Broker. But honestly, we would have added him even if he hadn’t featured us. And here’s just one reason why: one of last’s week’s posts, Blowin’ in the Wind: The Art of Stock Market Forecasting. P.O.V. indeed.