If you’re in and around the 401(k) world, you know who Chris Carosa, CFTA, is. And if you don’t you should. Most of us know him as a prolific author who is the Chief Contributing Editor of FiduciaryNew.com, a superb source of information and commentary about the fiduciary aspects of retirement plans.

Chris now has put it all together in his new book, 401(k) FIDUCIARY SOLUTIONS, which covers all 401(k) compliance issues (and how to deal with them), in a single reference source, the official publication date of which is today.

So what’s exactly in his book? The book’s subtitle says it all:

Expert Guidance for 401(k) Plan Sponsors on How to Effectively and Safely Manage Plan Compliance and Investments by Sharing the Fiduciary Burden with Experienced Professionals

Here are just some of the nuggets found in the 320 pages that comprise Chris’ book:

  • The Best Way 401(k) Plan Sponsors Can Benchmark Their Plans
  • 4 Essential Elements the DOL Requires of Every Retirement Plan
  • 5 Important Duties Every ERISA Fiduciary Must Fulfill
  • Everything an ERISA/401(k) Fiduciary Needs to Know About
  • Who Is and Who Isn’t a Registered Investment Adviser?
  • How Should a 401(k) Plan Sponsor Construct an Appropriate Investment Policy Statement?
  • 3 Reasons Why the 401(k) Fiduciary Should Use Both Active and Passive Funds to Reduce 
  • Avoiding Decision Paralysis: How to Create the Ideal 401(k) Plan Option Menu
  • 3 Ways 401(k) Plan Sponsors Can Help Employees Make Better Investment Decisions

You get the picture.

So where to get the book? It’s available on Amazon, of course, but Chris is offering a special $5 discount off the $34.95 retail price through April 30, 2012. You can click here, and then enter the $5 coupon code: 29WLLWA9.