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The bailout bill, the stock market, and 401(k) plans: what’s ahead for us?

See full-size image. I was certainty premature yesterday in thinking the bailout bill was going to pass when I wrote the bailout bill is like a Christmas tree – something for everyone including retirement plans. And I wasn’t alone. The stock market reacted with the largest one day drop in its history. No one knows the … Continue Reading

“It’s for retirement stupid…”

That’s the title of yesterday’s post by Eve Tahmincioglu on her blog CareerDiva. Eve writes about the disturbing trend of more 401(k) participants taking out loans. I’ve written about it myself, 401(k) Participant Loans on the Increase, But Not Always a Good Thing to Do. Here’s what Eve has to say about it:  Looking for … Continue Reading

401(k) loan? Just stop by the 401(k) ATM

I’ve written several articles about 401(k) loans in the past pointing out the negatives, and at one point I asked the question, Are 401(k) accounts piggy banks?  Well, excuse me for being so retro, because now through the combination of modern technology and consumer marketing comes the 401(k) Debit Card. An article in by … Continue Reading

SIMPLE vs. 401(k): decision deadline approaching

If you’re thinking about establishing a SIMPLE in 2006 for your small business, then you don’t have much time. It must be place by October 1. No doubt you’ve been told that it’s easy to establish – and relatively inexpensive – and also easy to maintain – and also relatively inexpensive. That’s true, or course. It’s … Continue Reading

Are 401(k) accounts piggy banks?

In a earlier post, I asked the question whether 401(k) loans were easy money and discussed both sides of the questions.  Yesterday, Walter Updegrave, MONEY Magazine senior editor, in his Ask the Expert column responds to a reader who asks whether it’s a good idea to borrow money from your 401(k) account. Mr. Updegrave says … Continue Reading